Dating guys youre not attracted to

And a guy with a great personality can become attractive to a woman as she grows in friendship with him.

(I'll let the men address how they do or don't move toward a woman when she's not physically "his type.") Given the vast numbers of Christian singles who are still unmarried long past their expectations, I always caution women in situations like yours not to be too hasty in turning a man down.

Strong Christian men hard to find, and I want to get married and have a family more than anything.

Dating guys youre not attracted to

I think the media have given me this idea that when I really fall for a guy, I will immediately want to start making out with him. I'm not repulsed by him, but there's no sexual tension between us.I'm almost certain now that he's interested in me as more than a friend, and I expect him to ask me out soon, if I just give him a little more encouragement.The problem is that I respect and care about him so much, but I'm not physically attracted to him.(For my part, I grew my very short hair long, lost 25 pounds, and traded my power clothes for a more feminine wardrobe.(I talk more about that here.) But he too talks about feeling utterly comfortable talking with me and the vast shared interests we had and common faith and similar sense of calling.

Dating guys youre not attracted to

And the more I grew to know him, the more attractive he became.I suspect I looked even less like what he'd imagined himself with.Before I found Boundless, I had already started a "buddy" relationship with one of my best guy friends. Dating guys youre not attracted to-36 He moved across the country several months ago, but we still talk through email almost every day.I think it's appropriate that I have been protecting myself from forming physical/sexual desires for him while we're still just friends.

I am very cuddly and comfortable with my girl friends, but with my guy friends, I basically have a no-touch policy.

It's encouraging to know that for you and Steve, it took some work and some specific changes in your appearance to foster that attraction.

I know that I'm not the "dream girl" he always imagined dating, but he likes other things about me and is willing to overlook my flaws, so I should do the same for him.

He wants to call and write letters, but I've been holding off because I'm not sure if I want to encourage deepening our communication at this point.

This is one of those occasions where the buddy relationship didn't involve a romantically interested girl and an oblivious guy; instead, I think he has liked me all along, but I was completely oblivious.


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